Insta360 X3 the magic camera


Insta360 X3 the magic action camera

The newest version of the most popular 360 action camera in the world. The Insta360 X3 is the best pocket camera since it can capture 360 degrees, 

has hardware that is ready for action, and utilizes AI. It's simple and, most importantly, enjoyable to record and share your life with X3.

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Waterproof 360-degree action camera Insta360 X3 with 1/2" 48MP sensors, 5.7K 360 active HDR video, 72MP 360-degree photo, 4K single-lens, 60fps Me Mode, stabilization, 2.29" touchscreen, AI editing, and live stream

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Details insta360 X3

Technology of Brandinsta360 Connectivity

Black Color Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Unique Feature

FlowState Stabilization, 5.7K Active HDR 360 Video, 72MP Photo, 4K Single-Lens Mode, and 8K Timelapse

2.29-inch screen size

Key Elements

Inch Sensor

A brand-new 1/2" sensor allows you to take pictures and films with greater fine detail.

360° Capture in 5.7K

With 5.7K 360-degree capture, you can capture everything around you.

The Power of Reframe

Being able to select the ideal angle after the fact is what makes 360-degree capture so magical. You'll never miss a photo again thanks to the simple AI-powered reframing features in the Insta360 app.

Stunning 4K Single Lens Mode

Want to take first-person videos only without refocusing? Create videos with a wide viewpoint and publish them right away on social media. Currently updated to 4K30fps. With MaxView, you can also capture a 170° ultra-wide video at 2.7K resolution.

Mode Me

Utilize Me mode to capture wide-angle video without having to reframe by using the Invisible Selfie Stick effect.

Unrealistic Third-Person Views

You can get third-person perspectives and aerial angles with the Invisible Selfie Stick that are impossible to get with other cameras because it vanishes in your edit. No problem if there is no drone!

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